5 (more) Bar Trivia Questions for Shark Week

Shark Week 2014 kicked off last night. So if you’re in the bar trivia biz like me, you’ve a got an easy decision to make on this week’s theme.

I already have a pretty sizable database of shark-themed trivia questions from the past few years but I wanted to push myself to come up with at least 5 new ones.

Since I’m off this week, I was able to ask these questions last week. I can tell you that zero teams got that last totally-guessable ‘Sharknado’ question right…

cuban shark tank

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Bar Trivia Picture Quiz: Famous French Nerds

I never pass up the opportunity to exploit a holiday for the sake of Trivia. Foreign holidays are no exception. So with la fête nationale just a few days behind us, I crafted an all-French round for last night’s quiz at Ventnor Sports Cafe.

Here’s the picture quiz portion. It’s definitely in the top 5 of my all-time hardest picture rounds. The teams averaged about 6 correct. Which is really not too shabby if you ask me.

Answers are hyperlinked below (to sources that you can actually cite. Not Wikipedia!)

UPDATE: Now up in the Gallery!

Bonne chance!

You can have 17 points if you catch my nod to an episode of "Home Movies".

You can have 17 points if you catch my nod to this episode of “Home Movies“.


A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

5 Trivia Questions about Sharks

To pay homage to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I put together a few shark-related questions to open up Round 1 of Trivia last night at Ventnor Sports Cafe. Couldn’t make it? Here’s what you missed:

  1. (Animal Kingdom) Derived from the Greek word for “Skull”, a cephalofoil, is said to help which type of shark in prey manipulation, maneuverability and sensory reception?
  2. (DC Trivia) Every year during Shark Week, the Discovery Channel building “dresses up” as a giant shark. Which DC-metro area city in Maryland is home to this giant shark building?
  3. (Name Game) What golfer is nicknamed “The Shark” and even hosts his official website at shark.com
  4. (Movies) What super-villain made a “simple request” for “sharks with frikin’ laser beams attached to their heads”?
  5. (Music) The song “Pool Shark” by this band contains the lyric “One day i’m gonna lose the war” in reference to the lead singer’s battle with heroin addiction (he later died of a heroin overdose).  

BONUS ‘Jaws’ mini-quiz!

  1. Boat actor 1
  2. Boat actor 2
  3. Boat actor 3
  4. Director
  5. Name the town
  6. Name the boat
  7. Name the author (of the book, that the movie was based on)
  8. Jaws was an attraction at this amusement park
  9. (SPOILER ALERT!) How did the shark die?
  10. Was nominated for Best Picture in 1976, lost to what movie?


(Hammerhead Shark)(Silver Spring, MD)(Greg Norman)(Dr. Evil)(Sublime)

Jaws mini-quiz Answers

(Roy Scheider)(Robert Shaw)(Richard Dreyfuss)(Steven Spielberg)(Amity Island)(The Orca)(Peter Benchley)(Universal Studios)(exploding SCUBA tank)(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

“Whatever Color”: A Poem About Higgs Boson


Are any of you as confused as I am about this whole “God particle” business? Well, hopefully after reading this particular poem by guest poster KC, the once strange Higgs boson will become your new best friend.

Whatever Color (An Ode to Higgs Boson)

Black, white
Yellow or blue
Whatever color
Higgs Boson is too

Higgs Boson comes soft
Higgs boson come hard
Higgs boson comes in packages
And sometimes comes jarred

Higgs Boson is an asshole
And also a nice guy
Higgs Boson are the wings
That lets Higgs get me high

At night I need the boson
To let me lie in bed
But it can only be the Higgs
No other boson can take its stead

Higgs boson is an “icle”
Of which God is part
Higgs boson is the Louvre
And pieces of shitty art

If you ever met Higgs boson
He would shake your hand
She’d also make you a sandwich
And play music in your band

Higgs boson is a pimp daddy
Sometimes even a madam
Put too many Higgs together
And then you gotta atom (add ’em)

But really Higgs boson is the shit
That keeps us all combined
Higgs boson is your heart
Higgs boson is your mind

So find the boson right for you
Few bosons pass the test
Its mass does matter and despite the chatter
Higgs boson is the best