Trivia For a Rainy Day

It rained yesterday so I wrote some “rain” trivia for last night’s team trivia at Maddy’s. And by “wrote”, I mean “took the same rain trivia I used 3 months ago cuz I’m pretty sure no one will notice”. But chances are, it’s new to you anyways!!!

Answers are below (and in the tags)

1.    (Movies) In the 1988 film Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman’s character claimed that this airline has “never crashed”. 

2.    (Music) The tribute band known as Rain has made a career of covering the music of what band (who recentlymade their debut on iTunes)?

3.    (US States) What is the wettest state in the country, averaging over 100 inches of rain a year?

Tom Cruise's career on the other hand...

4.    (History) Famous for convening the First Vatican Council in 1869, which Pope had the longest reign, serving 31 years? 

5.    (Movies) Raine Wilson, who plays the eccentric Dwight Shrute on TV’s The Office, made a cameo appearance as a convenience store clerk at the beginning of what 2007 Oscar-nominated film?

6.    (Music) Rain Songs

a.    Purple Rain – 1984 

b.    November Rain – 1992

c.    Have You Ever seen the Rain and Who’ll Stop the Rain –  1970 

d.    Fool in the Rain – 1979

e.    Don’t Rain on My Parade – 1964

f.     Here Comes the Rain Again – 1983

g.    I’m Only Happy When It Rains – 1995

h.    No Rain – 1992

i.      Fire and Rain – 1970

j.      Blame it on the Rain – 1989

k.    Why Does It Always Rain On Me – 1999


1-5:(Quantas)(The Beatles)(Hawaii)(Pope Pius IX)(Juno)

a-k:(Prince)(Guns n’ Roses)(CCR)(Led Zeppelin)(Barbara Streisand)(The Eurhythmics)(Garbage)(Blind Melon)(James Taylor)(Milli Vanilli)(Travis)

Shocking Earthquake Trivia

NOTE: If you would like to contribute to the relief effort in Haiti, go directly to UNICEF, or try some of these helpful links from MSNBC.

Despite the unprecedented devastation surrounding the recent earthquake in Haiti, this was actually the sixth significant global earthquake of 2010, according to the rock-solid folks at the U.S. Geological Survey. Not only that, earthquakes of that magnitude (7.0-7.9 on the Richter Scale)  occur on average 17 times per year. But wait, there’s more! Little rinky dink earthquakes measuring 2.0-2.9 on the Richter Scale are estimated to occur over 1.3 million times throughout the year. You can’t stop it. Don’t even pretend like you can.

Anywho, this earthquake in Haiti reached a magnitude of 7.0, which doesn’t even come close to the top 10 largest earthquakes in history:

1. Chile, 1960 (9.5)

2. Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1964 (9.2)

3. Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra, 2004 (9.1)

4. Kamchatka, 1952 (9.0)

5. Off the coast of Ecuador, 1906, (9.1)

6. Rat Islands, Alaska, 1965 (8.7)

7. Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, 2005 (8.6)

8. Assam, Tibet, 1950 (8.6)

9. Andreanof Islands, Alaska, 1957 (8.6)

10. Southern Sumatra, Indonesia, 2007 (8.5)

Get all the other earthquake facts you will ever need here.

Math nerds click here.

Rock on (and up and down and side to side), my friends.