Not so Harry Potter Trivia

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, these trivia questions aren’t necessarily for you. But they’re still awesome. And don’t forgot to check out the accompanying “Harry Potter” picture round.

  1. (Chamber of Secrets) The burial chamber of the tomb of King Tut remained a secret until this archaeologist discovered it in 1922. 
  2. (Prisoner of Azkaban) Just like Sirius Black, protagonist Edmond Dantes was unjustly imprisoned for 14 years in this famous book? 
  3. (Goblet of Fire) Originally concocted by Homer Simpson, what is the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe?
  4. (Order of the Phoenix) Violent criminal Simon Phoenix brings chaos to order in this 1993 movie set 40 years into the future in the city of San Angeles.
  5. (Half-Blood Prince) Danny Elfman wrote the score to this 1989 film, but Prince wrote the soundtrack album.


Answers below the bump.




(Howard Carter)(The Count of Monte Cristo)(Krusty Brand Children’s Cough Syrup) (Demolition Man)(Batman)

Monday Trivia: Do you know your TV High Schools?

It’s Monday so we’re going back to school. I name the TV high school, you name the TV show. Got it? Good. I’ll give you 3.14 points for each correct answers, which you can check out below. Good luck!

  1. Bayside High School
  2. Capeside High School
  3. John Adams High School
  4. The Harbor School
  5. Sunnydale High School
  6. Lawndale High School
  7. Eastland Boarding School
  8. James Woods High School
  9. Dillon High
  10. William McKinley High
  11. James Buchanan High
  12. Flatpoint High School

I encourange you to watch this.

ANSWERS!! (Don’t let the teacher catch you cheating!)

(Saved by the Bell)(Dawson’s Creek)(Boy Meets World)(The OC)(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)(Daria)(The Facts of Life) (Family Guy)(Friday Night Lights)(Glee and Freaks & Geeks)(Welcome Back, Kotter)(Strangers with Candy)

Band Names. Literally.

Here by popular demand, the bonus round from last week’s trivia night at Maddy’s. Four hundred and twelve points for each correct answer. You can find the answers below the answer cow. Good luck!

Literal Band Names!

Example: Isolated area of vegetation in a desert, Answer: Oasis

  1. The First Book of the Hebrew Bible
  2. The 34th state to enter The Union
  3. The order of animals that contains more species than any other in the animal kingdom
  4. English for the Swahili word “Safari”
  5. A xenophobe would fear one
  6. Boxer Mayweather dressed in fuchsia
  7. German airship made of chemical element “Pb”
  8. Carrots, Potatoes, Beets, Rutabagas
  9. Rosetta / Philadelphia university founded in 1884 / Lindbergh and Earhart
  10. Emaciated Disney Channel character played by Hilary Duff
  11. In Buddhism, this is the supreme state free from suffering and individual existence

Moooove it or lose it.


Don’t peak!

(Genesis)(Kansas)(The Beatles)(Journey)(Foreigner)(Pink Floyd)(Led Zeppelin)(The Roots)(Stone Temple Pilots)(Thin Lizzy)(Nirvana)


Marvel gets TRON’d. Can You Still Recognize These Super Heroes?

Apparently my TRON bone got tickled this week.

In an ongoing effort to push the new incursion of TRON this December, Disney has tasked its Marvel Comics subsidiary to produce 10 alternate comic book covers for famous Marvel super heroes in the style of the TRON universe. Can you still recognize them? Check out all 10 covers before you see the answers after the bump.

Eat Shield, Jeff Bridges!


1. Spider Man

2. Spider Woman

3. Quicksilver

4. Captain America

5. Ghost Rider

6. Iron Man

7. Ms. Marvel

8. Moon Knight

9. Thor

10. Wolverine

Hilary Swank plays Name That Tune on Late Show with David Letterman

We have some music trivia here for you this morning. Apparently Hilary Swank is a bit of an aficionado of “oldies” from the 60s and 70s (David  Letterman was of course quick to point out that he’s in his 60s). So Mr. Letterman hatched the idea to play Name That Tune when she was on his show last night (October 13th, 2010, 11:35PM ET on CBS). The original Name That Tune first aired on NBC Radio in 1952, running on and off until 1985. The show put two contestants against each other, so Letterman isn’t exactly accurate when Ms. Swank plays by herself.

Name That Tune had 7 hosts in its lifetime but George DeWitt is most often associated with the show because apparently he actually had some singing talent while the other bozos sounded like Hilary Swank. *ZING*

But you do have to give it up for the Swankster who went 4 for 4 AND they only played her two chords of the song.

Here are the songs that Paul Shaffer and the boys played for her:

1. Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste of Honey

2. Lovely Day by Bill Withers

3. A song by Earth Wind and Fire that I’m not 100% sure about. Leave it in the comments if you know!

4. Do ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart

The Empire’s Back in Town: 10 things you didn’t know about The Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker was originally going to be taught by Jedi Master Sarah Michelle Gellar, and other interesting factoids…

Coinciding with yesterday’s release of The Making Of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back by J.W. Rinzler, i09’s Charlie Jane Anders gives us “10 things you probably didn’t know about Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back“.

Most notably, Yoda’s original name was Buffy.

Also, I think I speak for us all when I say George Lucas really dropped the ball when he decided against the whole “Darth Vader had a castle” idea. Think of a jet-black 20-mile high space castle with laser turrets and rocket cavalry. And I don’t know about you, but I definitely think you could pull off calling it The Death Castle and still sound bad ass.

Taco Trivia!

Willie Nelson: I can be pretty scary.

Master Shake: Whats that word that’s the exact opposite of scary?

Meatwad: Tacos?

Well it’s been a while. Last post came during Cinco de Mayo so it only seems logical to pick up where I left off and give you guys some TACO BELL trivia. This one comes from the folks at THE list blog on the internet:11 Points. These guys are awesome. They come up with different sports lists, movie lists, TV lists, top lists etc. etc. All the lists have eleven elements in them “because top 10 lists are for cowards”.

If you’re in to It’s Always Sunny (and why shouldn’t you be? weirdo…) then check out the 11 BEST EPISODES OF IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Pretty solid list even though it was made before the 4th season and therefore before the epic THE NIGHTMAN COMETH. But I digress. Onto the tacos…

1. In what 1993 futuristic action flick was Taco Bell the only restaurant to survive the “fast food wars” and therefore was the ONLY restaurant? Literally. Everywhere. Ever. Solamente Taco Bell. Mucho Chalupas. (HINT: You can cheat by checking out the tags)

2. How can you get free Taco Bell for life?

3. How much beef does Taco Bell use every year?

4. What is the least healthy item on the Taco Bell menu?

5. How did the name “Taco Bell” come about?

6. What NBA team gives away free Chalupas to all the attendees if their team scores 100 points? Literally every game they score over 100 points. These fans go frikin nuts once the scoreboard reaches triple digits. Regardless of the outcome. Seriosuly.

For the answers check out 11 Obscure Taco Bell Trivia Facts at 11 points. I’m feeling generous so I’m giving out 50 POINTS for each correct answer. Your welcome.

I’d also like to thank the folks at Digg for posting the article on their front page.