Simpsons Halloween Bar Trivia Picture Quiz

You may not know this but Halloween trivia night is the best trivia night of the year. Team costumes, candy, bargain-bin horror movie DVD prizes, and the potential for themes is endless (vampires, “boo!”, monsters, movies, candy etc).

This year the themes are still under wraps (mummy pun?). But I can tell you that this year’s quiz at Ventnor Sports Cafe will be extra special because the pretty girls from Devil’s Backbone brewery will be there handing out beer and swag. Yes, FREE BEER.

In the mean time, take a shot at my ‘Simpsons Triviahouse of Horrors’ I made back in 2010 at the very first Halloween trivia night. Just name the work of pop-culture that the Simpsons are playing off of. The answers are somewhere… out there! Tweet me if you’re desperate.

simpsons halloween trivia

World Series Bar Trivia Photo Quiz

Hey there teams. Did you miss last night’s trivia throwdown at Ventnor Sports Cafe? It was one for the ages, let me tell you.

It had all the makings for a Lazer Kobras victory. They came out swinging, taking a 3-point lead into the third round. But a perfect score in the World Series picture round sent P. Menaces to the top of the standings. And that’s where they stayed, with no team really able to show off their Beanie Babies knowledge in round 4.

P. Menaces got a perfect 10 out of 10. Can you? If letter H doesn’t get you, J surely will…

The answers are hyper-linked below, so no spoilers. Good luck!

world series photos trivia


a)This guy b) This guy c) This guy d) This guy e) This guy f) This guy g) This guy h) This guy i) This guy j) This guy


Ben Affleck Bar Trivia Picture Quiz

With all the whatever surrounding the recent Batman announcement, I thought it was perfect timing for a Ben Affleck movie face quiz (ala the Arnold quiz I did two years ago).

The toughest part about making it was there’s actually a crap-ton of Ben Affleck movies to choose from. So I tried to find a balance of his awesome movies and his horrendous ones, his early years and the more recent, and his easily identifiable roles and more obscure characters.

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Bar Trivia Picture Quiz: Famous French Nerds

I never pass up the opportunity to exploit a holiday for the sake of Trivia. Foreign holidays are no exception. So with la fête nationale just a few days behind us, I crafted an all-French round for last night’s quiz at Ventnor Sports Cafe.

Here’s the picture quiz portion. It’s definitely in the top 5 of my all-time hardest picture rounds. The teams averaged about 6 correct. Which is really not too shabby if you ask me.

Answers are hyperlinked below (to sources that you can actually cite. Not Wikipedia!)

UPDATE: Now up in the Gallery!

Bonne chance!

You can have 17 points if you catch my nod to an episode of "Home Movies".

You can have 17 points if you catch my nod to this episode of “Home Movies“.


A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

Presidential Pets Photo Quiz!

Here’s how it works. You name the president based on the photo of one of their beloved furry creatures. I’d be impressed if you nailed at least half of these (not literally of course. Gross).

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll need to update this quiz with an Irish Setter strapped to the roof of a station wagon.

Happy voting day everybody. Answers are below. So try not to peek.

Letter M is a pygmy hippo. Do with that information what you will.


a.Bill Clinton’s Socks
b.Barack Obama’s Bo
c.JFK’s many dogs
d.Ronald Reagan’s Rex
e.Harding’s Laddie Boy
f.Taft’s fat cow
g.Woodrow Wilson’s Sheep (a.k.a. fluffy lawnmowers)
h.George H.W’s Millie
i.FDR’s Fala
j. Hoover’s King Tut
k. Nixon’s Checkers
l. Teddy’s Algonquin
m. Coolidge’s pygmy hippo