15 Super Bowl themed Bar Trivia Team Names

The trivia night that I host got cancelled this week in favor of a State of the Union viewing party. I’m in Washington, DC. So that kind of thing will happen.

The good news is I was free to attend the great Jay Ray’s trivia night at Rock Bottom. I got my start subbing for Jay back in 2010. Always great to hit up the old stomppin’ grounds (and heckle the shit out of Jay. Only out of love, of course).

With the Super Bowl coming up, I really wanted to use Puppy Bowl-themed team name. Thankfully Austin came through with the gem you see below. We finished middle-of-the-pack-ish. But definitely finished first for most “ohhhhh”s after our team name was announced.

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McKayla will be impressed with my Pub Quiz tonight.

Are you sad you missed Olympics trivia night last week? Well, first, there’s no crying in trivia. Second, luckily, we’re back at it tonight.

What? Team Trivia. Look smart in front of that girl you like..

Where? Ventnor Sports Cafe (2411 18th St. NW – Adams Morgan –> That’s in Washington, DC)

When? August 14th (aka TONIGHT). We will start promptly at 8:30.

Who? Me. You. And hopefully your hot friend.

But what’s the theme? There’s literally nothing going on…..OH NO WAIT A MINUTE, NOW I REMEMBER! IT’S SHARK WEEK! Round 1 will be shark-themed. Rounds 2 through 4 are a surprise (but you can bet that McKayla Maroney will make an appearance)

Winning team gets bar tab. Losing team gets a SCUBA tank thrown in their mouth and exploded. Lots of other prizes to give away too. Also: half price burgers, cheap beer, and FREE pop corn.

See. You. Later.

Olympics-Themed Bar Trivia (Washington, DC)

Guess what? I’m super pumped to be hosting a night of Olympic trivia! I’ve got some current Olympic trivia, some past Olympic trivia, and even a question about a monkey (trust me, it works).

Some come on down to Ventnor Sports Cafe (2411 18th St. NW – Adams Morgan) on August 7th (aka TONIGHT). We will start promptly at 8:30.

Winning team gets bar tab. Losing team will be exiled just like in Dark Night Rises. Tons of other prizes to give away too. Not to mention half price burgers, cheap beer, and FREE pop corn. We’ll also have the Olympics on all 18 TVs (maybe the Nats game on 1 of them). Hope to see you there!

Pub QUIZ Recap: 4.29

Every Tuesday, Rock Bottom in Arlington, VA puts on a killer Pup Quiz. Check out the Facebook fan page here. We were short a couple regular team members last night but still managed a decent showing. I posted some of the better questions below. Enjoy!

LOCATION: Rock Bottom Arlington

DATE: April 28th, 2009

TEAM NAME: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Air Force One! (Huh?)

We ran into a few snags in Round One but thanks to some lucky guessing, we fared pretty well at 46 points. As always, the first question of the round is sent out in a weekly email:

“The name of this restaurant chain is taken from a Rolling Stones song”


We were all pretty upset for not getting this next question because all you had to do was think about it for two seconds. I guess those first few beers threw off our concentration.

“This word is Swahili for journey


We took down the bonus question for the first round on an educated guess:

“This Japanese device from the 1970s was originally called ‘Soundabout’ in the US”


Round Two was fairly generic. Here are some highlights:

“In what city will you find that Taj Mahal?”


BONUS Q: “What is the closest American territory to the Marianas Trench?”


There was also a question about Gregor Mendel. He’s the pea guy.

By Round Three, questions get tougher, beer gets more plentiful and the shouting of obscenities becomes a frequent occurance. But when all was said and done, we Vulcan-Death-Gripped the shit out of Round Three, rocketing our point total to 221. We only missed one lame question that was about Herpes or something. But anyways, here’s a music question from said round:

“In 1997, what lead vocalist was found dead in Australia by auto-erotic asphyxiation?”


I came through in the clutch by nailing the bonus question. But really any sports fan would know the answer.

“Who hit the ball through Bill Buchner’s legs in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series?”


Round Four (final round) began with complete domination but ended with utter disappointment. Here is a sample of the questions we pillaged:

“What author began his life as William Sydney Porter?”

“What type of animal lives in a formicary?”

“Following the Middle Ages, what was the first city in the world to reach a population of one million people?”

HIGHLIGHT FOR ANSWERS–> O.Henry – Ants – London

The bonus question was a multiple guess, but we unfortunately guessed wrong.

How many bones are there in a human head (including jaw, face, chin and all that)? – 29, 39, 49 or 59″


So by loosing 50 points to bonus beast, our final score was 269, which landed us somewhere in the middle of the pack. So all in all, not a bad showing. Plus we were allowed to take a logo pint glass from the display case. I was drunk and ambitious and took three. But I only ended up with a grand total of one because I traded two of them to some college girls outside the bar for a bottle of Bud Light they, for whatever reason, had in their purse. Again, I was pretty gone and it made sense at the time.

Until next week’s recap, make sure to get your trivia fix by checking out the daily (or so) Trivial Pursuit Cards!

Pub QUIZ Recap 4.22

Last night, myself and my team of 6 participated in the weekly Pub Quiz at Rock Bottom in Arlington, VA. A full recap of the shenanigans can be found below.

TEAM NAME: Craigslist’s Not-So-Happy-Ending (Huh?)

***Stay tuned for a complete recap. Work is actally interfering with my blogging. Lame.