Maddy’s Halloween Trivia Recap – October 26, 2011

DAMN that was some exciting trivia. Double Trouble (formally Double Fault) jumped out to an early lead thanks to their knowledge of scary book authors, but they just couldn’t hold it.

Google Santorum took Round 2 (“Boo”) but was still behind Maple Leif Eriksons* and Occupy Maddy’s, who were tied for first in the overall standings.

The Regulars** moved into a tie for first with Fool Me Twice after a stellar Name that Candy Round 3. But cold they hold on? The answer is yes. Team LAM took the last round but Regulars knew just enough scary movie taglines to hold on to the lead and bring home the $50 prize (which of course immediately went towards shots).

Last place went to Raising Euro Zone who earned everyone’s favorite Halloween candy, raisins.

Full Results and prize distribution below.

Round 1: Candy corn OR Glow in the dark witch PEZ dispenser

Double Fault went with the candy corn (did i mention the PEZ dispenser was glow in the dark?)

Round 2: Witch PEZ OR strobe light thingy for your pumpkin

Google Santorum took the PEZ.

Round 3: Stobe light OR big bag of M&Ms OR a copy of Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga in paperback that I got from CVS.

Of course, the M&Ms.

Round 4: Strobe light or Breaking Dawn.

Team LAM (bunch of chicks) took the Twilight book.

It's SCARY how low these scores were.

*I was wearing a Viking helmet. And I’m Canadian. So very clever.

**Just to be clear, these guys are regular drinkers, not regular thinkers. So congrats to them.

Maddy’s Trivia Recap: October 5, 2011

Knox Guilty jumped out to an early lead thanks to their knowledge of the Shift key, but it was all downhill for them (and everyone else) in what turned out to be statistically the hardest Round 2 in the history of Maddy’s trivia night. Amanda Knox Boots and Kills breezed through the Columbus Day-themed third round and just couldn’t be caught in final showdown.

Full results below. Make sure to come out and see us next week!


Maddy’s Trivia Night – September 7th, 2011: RECAP

As promised, here were the results from last night. Deep Fried Pickles started out strong, leading after the first two rounds, but in the end they had to settle for a 4th place tie. “We just got here…” made a late run but thanks to a perfect 3rd round and a near-perfect 4th round, the night belonged to GOP Debate and Switch. Full results below.

Did you miss you on this? Well we’re here every Wednesday at 7:30. So come by and see us!

Maddy’s Trivia Recap – July 20, 2011

Couldn’t make it to trivia on Wednesday? Here’s what you missed. Slacker.

Mrs. Murdoch’s Pie and Pie in the BskyB jumped out to an early lead thanks to their knowledge of historical figures that met Bill and Ted. It was a whole new ballgame after Round 3’s picture round, with Birds of War and Better Off Debt ending up out front in a 70-point tie. But it was all Birds of War in the last round with a perfect run at sports team nicknames, edging out Mrs. Murdoch’s Pie to take  home the $50 prize.

Full results:

Three teams hit the century mark. Not too shabby.

Maddy’s Trivia Night Recap

What a night! We sent Cristina off with a bang! Huge crowd, mama-trivia was in town, and the cleavage to no-cleavage ratio was much higher than normal.

“Cristina’s Last Ride” took a one point lead to start round 1 but dropped all the way down to 5th after some famous baby-mama trivia got the best of them in Round 2. But of course they clawed their way back on top after Round 3’s picture bonus and completely blew it open in the last round with their unparallelled knowledge of famous inventors. How’s that for a final trivia night? Good luck in Michigan, Cristina, we’ll miss you!

Full results below.

Maddy’s Trivia Night Recap – May 4th “NAFTA” Edition

So it went down like this: Horton Hears a Goal Horn jumped out to a 1 point lead over Abottabadass after the opening USA round. Then Maddy’s Massholes came out of nowhere to tie Horton at 51 after the Canadian round. After the Mexican round was over, the Massholes took a one point lead over Horton! But in the end it was Horton’s bizarrely good knowledge of war novels that put them comfortably back in the champions circle. Big thanks to them and everyone else who came out this week! You guys rocked it. Check out the full results below.*

*All scores include +5 bonus points for each Capitals goal Wednesday night