Team trivia TONIGHT: Get Your America On

Hey! Why not come into Maddy’s Bar & Grille (1726 Connecticut NW, Dupont, Washington DC) tonight for some good ol’ fashioned bar trivia. And since we’re coming up to a special holiday weekend, we have a special Red, White & Blue/Amercastravaganza quiz planned for you. It’s totally free and you can win 50 bar dollars! You can also stick around for the last place prize.

I know what you’re thinking. “Hey hoser, isn’t it also Canada Day this Friday?” You’re fucking right it is! That’s why I sneaked in a few Canadian questions disguised in the Red, White & Blue theme.

Red. White. Blue.

See you tonight!

Face-melting Bar Trivia TONIGHT at Maddy’s (Dupont Circle, DC)

Come on out to Maddy’s Bar & Grille (1726 Connecticut, NW) tonight and get your triv on. We got history. We got geography. We got movies. We got music. We got books. We have a PICTURE ROUND. And it’s all going to be awesome so you should be there. Winner gets 50 bar dollars and bragging rights. Also, my mama is in town so we have an extra special Mother’s Day round for you folks. (Also that means try keep the vulgar team names to a minimum).

See you a few hours!

Did somebody say picture round!?!

Team Trivia TONIGHT at Maddy’s (hopefully for real this time)

Come out to Maddy’s Bar & Grille tonight for some bar trivia. It. Will. Blow. Your. MIND! Or something. I’ve mostly got leftover Easter questions for you because they canceled on me last week and I couldn’t use them. Also, some royal stuff for that wedding on on Friday. Winner gets 50 bar dollars and last place gets something crappy. But it is something!

Here’s a warm up Trivial Pursuit card. See you tonight!

Come to Maddy's tonight for the answers!

Trivia Night TONIGHT at Maddy’s

Greetings fellow humans! If you’re in the Dupont Circle area of Washington DC tonight around 7:30, why not stop into Maddy’s Bar & Grille for the best freakin trivia night you will ever have in your life, AND YES THAT IS A THREAT!*

*Scientific data from lab mice inconclusive

So if you’re in the circle, go NORTH on Connecticut until you get to 1726. Then walk in and grab¬† a score sheet and get a beer and enjoy your pants off. The cross street is S i think? Everyone’s doing it!

Steve: Hey Rick, what are you up to tonight? Rick: DUH #winning?! It's Wednesday so I'm gonna kill it at Maddy's trivia night. Steve: Oh that's right. I think I will join you. Any nut-puns for our readers before we go? Rick: Nah, I'm too lazy.


TONIGHT: Old Fashioned Pub Trivia, just like mom used to make

Come out to Maddy’s Bar & Grille tonight at 7:30 for a wham bam night of toe tappingly good trivia, just like in the old country! You want Geography questions? We got geography. History? Of course we have history. Sports? Do you even have to ask? Little furry animals? YOU BET YOUR FURRY ASS!

Furry ass.

Best of all, it’s FREE! And winner gets 50 bar dollars for having to put up with listening to me all night.¬† There’s even a last place prize…..probably! Check out the results from last week.

Irish Madness Trivia TONIGHT at Maddy’s (Dupont Circle-ish, Washington DC)

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddie!

Come out to Maddy’s Bar & Grille tonight at 7:30 for some St. Paddy’s Day trivia and some trivia surrounding a possibly more important holiday, the beginning of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament aka March Madness aka Bracket Fever aka Office pool of the year aka It’s Kemba’s to lose aka George Mason is this year’s George Mason aka Boss Button aka Decrease in productivety, Increase in your work’s bandwidth.

Irish. Madness.

aka I really don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t see you there.

Meet Your Volcanic Trivia Doom TONIGHT at Maddy’s

I AM MOUNT TRIVSUVIUS! I’m filled with molten trivia and I’m ready to erupt! I shall lay waste to the villages below with my liquid hot knowledge of useless information! FEAR ME!

For your own protection, you should wear your Trivia Shield of Flaming Justice Glory Love at Maddy’s Bar and Grille (Dupont, Washington DC) from about 7:30 ish to about 9:30ish. Those who survive will receive 50 bar dollars!