Friday Leftovers: Mother’s Day Edition

If you couldn’t make it to Trivia Night at Maddy’s this week, you missed out on my special Mother’s Day round, made extra special by a special guest appearance by my mom. Enjoy, and Happy Early Mother’s Day 2012, Kate Middleton! Make sure to check out Part II, the Celebrity Baby Quiz!

  1. (Movies) What movie featured a spaceship computer system called “Mother”? 
  2. (US History) Beginning in 1848, what historical event popularized the term “Mother Lode”? 
  3. (Television) Clair Huxtable of “The Cosby Show” was part of a brigade of high-powered professional moms that took television by storm in the 1980s. What was her profession? 
  4. (War) In 1990, Saddam Hussein advised the Iraqi people to prepare for the “Mother of all Battles” if the US-led coalition forces attempted to evict his army of occupation from what country? 
  5. (Animal Kingdom) What animal moms have the longest gestation period of all mammals at 22 months?

Answers below the mother teet.

plastic cow

Her calves turned into an utter disapointment...


(Alien)(California Gold Rush)(Lawyer)(Kuwait)(Elephant)

Friday Leftovers: Canadian Trivia

Happen to miss trivia night this week? Well Friday Leftovers lets you see some of what you missed. This was technically part II of “NAFTA” Trivia. Enjoy, fellow and honorary Canadians!

  1. (Explorers) What French explorer was the first to map the Saint Lawrence River as well as the first to document the name Canada? 
  2. (Sports) What Montreal Canadiens player was suspended for the remainder of the 1955 season for an on-ice incident involving the injury of a referee, sparking a famous riot in downtown Montreal that fueled rising tensions between English and French Canadians in Quebec. 
  3. (Television) Robin Schebatsky is the token Canadian on this sit com, which was recently renewed for a 7th and 8th season? 
  4. (Comic Books) Originally created as part of a backstory for the X-Men’s Wolverine in 1979, what is the name of the Canadian superhero team that included Northstar, Snowbird and Guardian?
  5. (Music) Everyone knows that Justin Bieber is Canadian. But in what province was he born and raised? 
  • BONUS MULTIPLE (Movies) Name the Canadian Actor!
        1. Barbara Rose Kopetski in Barb Wire 
        2. The Green Lantern in The Green Lantern 
        3. Del Griffith in Plains, Trains and Automobiles 
        4. Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks
        5. Both the lead actor and actress in The Notebook
        6. Danielle Clark in The Girl Next Store
        7. Mitch Weaver in Dirty Work 
        8. Stranz Van Waldenberg in Blades of Glory
        9. The voice of Flick in A Bugs Life 
        10. Sam Emerson and David in The Lost Boys

Answers below Sasquatch and co.


Jacques Cartier)(Maurice Richard)(How I Met Your Mother) (Alpha Flight)(Ontario)

(Pamela Anderson)(Ryan Reynolds)(John Candy) (Joshua Jackson) (Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling) (Elisha Cuthbert)(Norm MacDonald) (Will Arnett)(Dave Foley) (Corey Haim and Keifer Sutherland)

Friday Leftovers: “Royal” Edition

Today’s edition of Friday Leftovers is dedicated to SayKNOWToTrivia’s babe of the week, Kate Middleton. For each correct answer, you get 1776 points. Good luck! Answers below the flaming Queen.

  1. (Disease) What disease did Queen Victoria pass on to several of her decedents, earning the nickname the “Royal Disease?
  2. (Sports) What Kansas City Royals All-Star and member of the 3,000 hit club has a section of their Wikipedia page labeled “The Pine Tar Incident”?
  3. (Movies) What was the name of the movie that introduced the “Royale with Cheese” to popular culture in 1994? (BONUS: Name the two CHARACTERS involved in that conversation)
  4. (History) Incorporated by British royal charter in 1670 as a fur trading business, this is the oldest commercial corporation in North America and even functioned as the de facto government in parts of North America before claims by Europeans and the United States.
  5. (Foreign Countries) Prince William and Kate Middleton became engaged in October of 2010, during a 10 day trip in what country?

SUPER ROYAL BONUS!! Since 1707 when the Kingdom of England merged with the Kingdom of Scotland, there have been 12 monarchs of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. For 12 points each, NAME ALL 12!!



(Hemophilia)(George Brett)(Pulp Fiction/Jules+Vincent)(Hudson’s Bay Company)(Kenya)

BONUS: Anne, George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George IV, Elizabeth II

About Last Week…

In case you couldn’t make it to Maddy’s last Wednesday, here’s a sampling of the quiz. But don’t let it happen again! We’re back on TONIGHT at 7:30 — Maddy’s Bar & Grill – 1726 Connecticut NW, Washington DC.      SEE YOU THERE

  1. (Television) NBC has approved a pilot for a new Wonder Woman TV show produced by David E. Kelly. What was the name of the actress that played Wonder Woman in the original 1970s series?
  2. (Geography) In what country can you find Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall at 3,200 feet?
  3. (Famous Furry Animals) The subject of an animal-rights controversy in 2007, Knut the polar bear tragically died this past weekend after gaining celebrity status in what European city’s zoo?
  4. (History) Lead by the Righteous Fists of Harmony, what was the name given to the movement that occurred in China at the turn of the 20th century that opposed Western imperialism and Christianity?
  5. (Famous Figures) In 1991, Elizabeth Taylor was married for the 8th and final time to construction worker Larry Fortensky on what celebrity’s property?
  6. (Movies) What was the name of horse in the 1944 Elizabeth Taylor film National Velvet?
  7. (Military History) What is the term for the ritual suicide by disembowelment that Japanese Samurai practiced in order to die with honor?
  8. (Music) What is the collective name for the musical collaboration between rapper Cee Lo Green and DJ Danger Mouse, which up until recently I thought was a single individual?
  9. (Sports History) The New York Yankees team logo as we know it today was first adopted in 1909 and is based on an 1877 design by what company, who first used it on a medal of honor issued to the first NYC police officer shot in the line of duty.


(Lynda Carter)(Venezuela)(Berlin)(Boxer Rebellion)(Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch) (Pie) (Seppuku or Harakiri) (Gnarls Barkley) (Tiffany’s & Co)

Friday Leftovers

In case you couldn’t make it out to Trivia on Wednesday, here’s a sampling of some awesome questions you missed. FIVE points for each correct answer!!!! Don’t spend it all in one place meow.

Round 1

  1. (Inventions) Which one of these three products was released first: The Post-it Note, Nintendo Entertainment System, Fujifilm Disposable Camera?
  2. (Food and Drink) It was announced yesterday that what restaurant chain surpassed McDonalds as the largest in the world in terms of store count with 33,749?
  3. (Geography/History) The territory included in the Louisiana Purchase contained small parts of the southern area of two Canadian provinces. Just name one of them.
  4. (Television) Charlie Sheen took over as the Deputy Mayor of New York City before the 5th season of what television show?
  5. (Sports) Who is the only member of the Los Angeles Lakers to win all five NBA Championships with Kobe Bryant?
  6. (Science) The word cell comes from the Latin cellula, meaning, a small room. This term was coined by Robert Hooke in 1665 when, looking through his microscope, he compared the cells of what material to the small rooms that monks lived in?

Technically not Photoshopped because I used MS Paint

Round 2

  1. (Music) The surviving members of what band maintained their anti-establishment image by refusing to attend their Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2006, calling the museum “a piss stain”?
  2. (Sports) What sports franchise does ESPN contributing writer Gregg Easterbrook refer to as Jersey/A?
  3. (Literature) In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the people of Lilliput were involved in a frivolous conflict over the preparation of what type of food?
  4. (Movies) What film’s cast features John Travolta, George Clooney, Nick Nolte, Woody Harrelson, Jared Leto, John C. Reilly and Adrien Brody?
  5. (Music/TV) What rapper/entrepreneur participated in Dancing with the Stars in 2005 after his son Romeo was unable to compete due to injury?
  6. (Sports) What was the first NHL franchise that was not a member of the Original 6 to win the Stanley Cup in 1974?