Final Jeopardy: December 7, 2010

No need to worry. I gotchu bro! Here’s your final Jeopardy answer/question from tonight (December 7).

In use from 1844 to 1905, a flag representing the union of these 2 countries was nicknamed the “Herring Sandwich”

What is…..

Norway and Sweden.

They like to eat herring. I know that. Google it if you want more info. Too lazy now.

Final Jeopardy 4.27: “Movie Directors”

This was a a pretty good one, folks. But let’s be honest, all movie questions are good ones. I didn’t manage to write down the question word for word but it went something like this:

“This director has only directed 6 films since 1971 but they have grossed over a combined $250 million at the box office”

I have to admit I guessed wrong. The woman in the middle shared my failure but the dude on the end and the returning champ were both correct, with the champ wagering enough to cover for the win.


Final Jeopardy 4.23: “20th Century Science”

I was fortunate enough to catch Alex Trebek’s sexy Canadian face last night and thought I’d share the Final Jeopardy question (answer?) with you all. I know, I know. The Boston Marathon took place on Monday, but it’s a solid question none the less. Highlight the white space below to see the answer.

“The 1970s saw the coining of the term “Runner’s High” and the discovery of these opiate proteins that produce it.”

All four contestants (myself included) got the right answer. But in the end, the middle lady won, the returning champ got destroyed and the guy on the right could have been a villainous  oil-drilling  tycoon from an episode of Dallas.

ANSWER–> Endorphins