About This Blog

Here’s what you’ll find: trivia that is timely, pub trivia night recaps, picture rounds from said pub trivia night, dissection of pop-culture references, the occasional Final Jeopardy question, Trivial Pursuit cards, and too many questions about Canadian prog-rock power trios.

Want to see something trivialized on the site? Say hey! at sayKNOWtotrivia(at)gmail(dot)com or on Twitter @SayKNOWtoTrivia.

About my Trivia Night

Are you tired of your cookie-cutter trivia night?

You may not know it, but your trivia night is sub-par. It’s diluted. It’s robotic. You need to break away. You need a trivia night that’s for the people, by the people. Well, by the person. That person is Me.

About Me

From Montreal to South East Asia to Pennsylvania to DC (with New Jersey and Cleveland thrown in the mix) I somehow developed the need to absorb and dispense “useless” knowledge. I work at a PR firm where research is 95% of what I do (the other 5% is playing Mario Kart 64). I also host a mean pub trivia on the side [Tuesday Nights at 8:30 – Ventnor Sports Cafe].

I keep Trivial Pursuit cards in my wallet in case of emergencies.

I would be honored to be – and a reliable candidate for – your Cash Cab moblie shout-out.

My NTN Buzztime handle is Catsup with home base at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio (but I may have changed it to the BDubs that opened in Crystal City?)

Please enjoy my blog and let me know if you need to know anything trivial about anything.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am interested in hosting trivia for your company. Do you have any locations in the Wilmington, Delaware or Southern New jersey areas?

    • Hey! Thanks for your interest! I’m actually just a one-man shop in Washington, DC. If I’m ever looking to expand, I’ll give you a shout. Or if you find your own gig, I can set you up with all the questions and we can split the payout!

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