16 Trivia Questions About This Year’s 16 Stanley Cup Playoff Teams (sort of)

Lots of people ask how I come up with my questions. One answer is it’s easier to think of ideas if you build your quiz around a theme. And it’s easier to think of a theme when there’s some sort of major holiday/event/celebrity¬†death to draft off of.

This past Tuesday, I decided to theme-ify the NHL playoffs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d personally love to answer a whole bunch of questions about, say, the Islanders Dynasty, or Conn Smythe winners from losing teams. But everyone’s not me. And they don’t want to answer 10 straight questions about Lanny MacDonald’s facial hair.¬†Although… there was that one time when the answer to every question in the round was ‘Gordie Howe’… But I digress.

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