Presidential Pets Photo Quiz!

Here’s how it works. You name the president based on the photo of one of their beloved furry creatures. I’d be impressed if you nailed at least half of these (not literally of course. Gross).

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll need to update this quiz with an Irish Setter strapped to the roof of a station wagon.

Happy voting day everybody. Answers are below. So try not to peek.

Letter M is a pygmy hippo. Do with that information what you will.


a.Bill Clinton’s Socks
b.Barack Obama’s Bo
c.JFK’s many dogs
d.Ronald Reagan’s Rex
e.Harding’s Laddie Boy
f.Taft’s fat cow
g.Woodrow Wilson’s Sheep (a.k.a. fluffy lawnmowers)
h.George H.W’s Millie
i.FDR’s Fala
j. Hoover’s King Tut
k. Nixon’s Checkers
l. Teddy’s Algonquin
m. Coolidge’s pygmy hippo