Trivia Night Recap: August 21, 2012

Hey team! Thanks for coming out to Ventnor Sports Cafe this week for Tuesday trivia. We started the night off strong and didn’t let up. Here’s a quick recap:

Round 1

Apparently everyone knows what an Astronomical Unit is. But who did Linda Eastman marry on March 12, 1969? Only two teams knew the answer, including P. Menaces, who took the early lead. When it came to choosing the Round 1 prize, they opted for the locker dry-erase board, instead of the locker mirror.

Round 2

P. Menaces increase their lead to 4 after the audio round (string quartet covers). Cocaine Condoms continues to lurk in second place…

Round 3

The Only Black Guy in the Room comes out of nowhere to take the lead by 1 after the shark movie picture round (and won a can of tuna for their efforts). I will have to say, as far as move picture rounds go, this one was damn tough. P. Menaces drops down to third place…(NOTE: The locker mirror was still available as a prize, until I fumbled it and it shattered into a million pieces).

Round 4

Round 4 was all about Girl Power! Do you know the actual name of the Spice Girls’ debut album? Or how Diane Crump made sports history? How about the first American woman in space? P. Menaces made a run for it, but they couldn’t catch The Only Black Guy in the Room, who took home the grand prize bar tab. The dynamic duo of We’re Not Dating – I just like to F@#% secured last place and earned a couple beer cozies I got for free in the mail for this bacon party I was supposed to throw… but that’s another story.

Until next week!

5 Trivia Questions about Sharks

To pay homage to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I put together a few shark-related questions to open up Round 1 of Trivia last night at Ventnor Sports Cafe. Couldn’t make it? Here’s what you missed:

  1. (Animal Kingdom) Derived from the Greek word for “Skull”, a cephalofoil, is said to help which type of shark in prey manipulation, maneuverability and sensory reception?
  2. (DC Trivia) Every year during Shark Week, the Discovery Channel building “dresses up” as a giant shark. Which DC-metro area city in Maryland is home to this giant shark building?
  3. (Name Game) What golfer is nicknamed “The Shark” and even hosts his official website at
  4. (Movies) What super-villain made a “simple request” for “sharks with frikin’ laser beams attached to their heads”?
  5. (Music) The song “Pool Shark” by this band contains the lyric “One day i’m gonna lose the war” in reference to the lead singer’s battle with heroin addiction (he later died of a heroin overdose).  

BONUS ‘Jaws’ mini-quiz!

  1. Boat actor 1
  2. Boat actor 2
  3. Boat actor 3
  4. Director
  5. Name the town
  6. Name the boat
  7. Name the author (of the book, that the movie was based on)
  8. Jaws was an attraction at this amusement park
  9. (SPOILER ALERT!) How did the shark die?
  10. Was nominated for Best Picture in 1976, lost to what movie?


(Hammerhead Shark)(Silver Spring, MD)(Greg Norman)(Dr. Evil)(Sublime)

Jaws mini-quiz Answers

(Roy Scheider)(Robert Shaw)(Richard Dreyfuss)(Steven Spielberg)(Amity Island)(The Orca)(Peter Benchley)(Universal Studios)(exploding SCUBA tank)(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

McKayla will be impressed with my Pub Quiz tonight.

Are you sad you missed Olympics trivia night last week? Well, first, there’s no crying in trivia. Second, luckily, we’re back at it tonight.

What? Team Trivia. Look smart in front of that girl you like..

Where? Ventnor Sports Cafe (2411 18th St. NW – Adams Morgan –> That’s in Washington, DC)

When? August 14th (aka TONIGHT). We will start promptly at 8:30.

Who? Me. You. And hopefully your hot friend.

But what’s the theme? There’s literally nothing going on…..OH NO WAIT A MINUTE, NOW I REMEMBER! IT’S SHARK WEEK! Round 1 will be shark-themed. Rounds 2 through 4 are a surprise (but you can bet that McKayla Maroney will make an appearance)

Winning team gets bar tab. Losing team gets a SCUBA tank thrown in their mouth and exploded. Lots of other prizes to give away too. Also: half price burgers, cheap beer, and FREE pop corn.

See. You. Later.

10 Trivia Questions about the Olympics – Past and Present

Were you too busy watching the Olympics to come to Olympic Trivia last night? Well lucky you: here’s what you missed. The answers are below The Greatest.

  1. (Famous firsts) On August 2nd, Kayla Harrison became the first American to win the gold medal in what sport?
  2. (Fun with Numbers) 15 year old Katie Ledecky from Bethesda, Maryland won the gold medal in the women’s 800 m freestyle. How many lengths of the pool did she swim?
  3. (Famous Firsts, part II) Name one of the two countries beginning with the letter “G” that won their first ever Olympic medals in these 2012 Olympic Games.
  4. (Famous Firsts, part III) Yi Siling of China won the first gold medal of the 2012 Games while competing in what event?
  5. (Mythology) Dating back to 1928, medal winners from every Summer games will see this goddess on the back of their medal.
  6. (Swimming) Who was the anchor for the gold medal-winning team USA in the men’s 4 x 100 M freestyle relay at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics
  7. (Track and Field) What Canadian sprinter set a then world record in the 100m dash with a time of 9.84 seconds at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta?
  8. (Boxing) As an amateur boxer then known as Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali won the Olympic gold medal in the light heavyweight boxing event in what host city [in 1960]?
  9. (Water Polo) What country beat the USSR is a water polo match, dubbed the “Blood in the water match”, at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, the same year the country initiated an uprising against its government’s Soviet-imposed policies?
  10. (Gymnastics) Who did Béla Károlyi famously tell to “Shake it off! You can do it!”

The Greatest. (photo by Sonia Katchian)


(Judo) (16) (Guatemala and Grenada) (Women’s 10 metre air rifle) (Nike) (Jason Lezak) (Donovan Bailey) (Rome) (Hungary) (Kerri Strug)