10 Questions: Foot Trivia

Well, we made it. The 2011 NFL season kicks off TONIGHT. So why not celebrate with some trivia! Not a football fan? Even better! Because these questions have nothing to do with the NFL.

Answers are below the Brannock Device. Good luck!

  1. (Movie Soundtracks) MTV Films is releasing a remake of the film Footloose next month. Who sang the theme song for the original version?
  2. (Cartoons) The group of henchmen known as the Foot Clan is no match for what cartoon super heroes?
  3. (Business) What company pledges to donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that they sell?
  4. (Pollution) What state has the worst carbon footprint, emitting over 600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, more than second and third place combined?
  5. (Television) The traditions of what fictional holiday include the Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength?
  6. (Television) The opening sequence to what TV show featured a giant foot that was taken from a Renaissance painting of Venus and Cupid?
  7. (Sports) Hockey player Adam Foote won the Stanley Cup in 1996 and 2001 for what NHL team
  8. (Video Games) What video game character uses the Pegasus Boots to run at high speeds?
  9. (Anatomy) What set of bones in the foot are the equivalent of the metacarpal bones in the hand?
  10. (Fun & Games) Measuring 456 FEET tall, the Kigda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world and can be found in this US State.


Apparently this has a name.




(Kenny Loggins)(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)(TOMS Shoes)(Texas)(Festivus)(Monty Python’s Flying Circus)(Colorado Avalanche)(Link)(metatarsal bones or metatarsus)(New Jersey)

Maddy’s Trivia Night – September 7th, 2011: RECAP

As promised, here were the results from last night. Deep Fried Pickles started out strong, leading after the first two rounds, but in the end they had to settle for a 4th place tie. “We just got here…” made a late run but thanks to a perfect 3rd round and a near-perfect 4th round, the night belonged to GOP Debate and Switch. Full results below.

Did you miss you on this? Well we’re here every Wednesday at 7:30. So come by and see us!

Matty’s Mind Meld: NFL Opening Weekend Edition!

A good portion of this blog is dedicated to sports and pop-culture. So why not get the best of both worlds with a little Jeopardy-style “before-and-after” to get you revved up for this weekend’s games? In case you are unfamiliar with the premiss of the game, each answer combines the name of a current NFL player with a random piece of trivia. At the very least, you might get some good Fantasy Football nicknames out of this!

  • Example. This dessert made of marshmallow, butter and cereal was invented by a Baltimore Ravens running back. Answer: Ray Rice Krispie Treats

Good luck!

Answers are below so no peaking…

  1. This Baltimore Ravens linebacker took time in the off-season to write about Alice in Wonderland.
  2. One half of this songwriting duo, with Broadway hits such as “Oklahoma”, “The King and I”, and “The Sound of Music”, is the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.
  3. This 2010 post-apocalyptic flick starred Denzel Washington as the quarterback of the New York Giants.
  4. This outspoken Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker landed a role in the summer action film Cowboys & Aliens.
  5. This Minnesota Vikings quarterback is from the home planet of Jar Jar Binks.
  6. The main character of this Athenian tragedy, written by Sophocles in 429 BC, was just named the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins.
  7. This movie starring Piper Perabo features a Cleveland Browns quarterback as a bartender.
  8. Technical term for the clothing incident at the halftime show of Super Bowl XXVIII, involding Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, and a Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver.
  9. This Woody Allen movie stars Penelope Cruz as last season’s Comeback Player of the Year.
  10. This boy from South Park went into “Beast Mode” on a critical 4th quarter play to beat the New Orleans Saints in last year’s NFC Wildcard game.
  11. This 2009 George Clooney movie co-starred a 2010 breakout Houston Texans running back.
  12. Michael Moore’s Academy Award winning documentary about a second-year Denver Broncos quarterback.


(Ray Lewis Carroll)(Aaron Rodgers and Hammerstein)(The Book of Eli Manning)(James Harrison Ford)(Donovan McNaboo)(Oedipus Rex Grossman)(Colt McCoyote Ugly)(Hines Wardrobe Malfunction)(Michael Vicky Cristina Barcelona)(Stan Marshawn Lynch)(Up in the Arian Foster)(Tim Tebowling for Columbine)

Jayson Stark Baseball Trivia: September 6, 2011

We’re entering the home stretch, fellas. The end of the 2011 baseball season also marks the end of fresh Jayson Stark trivia. So let’s gobble ’em up while we still can. NOM NOM NOM..

Here’s what Jayson delivered on Mike & Mike this morning:

“Justin Verlander is one of 4 pitchers who K’d 200+ last year & are already at 200+ this year. Name the other 3!

Answers are below the K, so don’t scroll down too far!!

Justin Verlander's initials.


(Tim Lincecum)(Felix Hernandez)(Clayton Kershaw)

Editor’s note: According to Stark, the most common  wrong guesses were “Halladay (5 away this year), CC (3 away last year), Lee (never K’d 200 before this year), Price (neither year!)”

14 Labor Day-themed Trivia Questions

In case you missed out on my very special labor day edition of trivia at Maddy’s on Wednesday, here it is, free of charge! Answers are below the Working Man.

  1. (Fun & Games) Along with The Electric Company, what is the other utility property on a standard Monopoly board?
  2. (Sports) What athlete was featured in Spike Lee’s 2009 documentary Doin’ Work?
  3. (Famous Figures) Whose tombstone reads “Workers of all lands unite”?
  4. (Literature) First published in 1873, what female author wrote a semi-autobiographical novel entitled Work: A Story of Experience, about the changes in women’s work in the new industrial era?
  5. (Science) Measured in terms of joules, what is the term in physics for the amount of energy transferred by force acting through a distance?
  6. (Movies) In the 1999 film Office Space, the character played David Herman shares his name with what famous singer?
  7. (Movies) What live-action Walt Disney Movie featured the “Happy Working Song”
  8. (Movies) Who starred in and wrote the theme song to the 1980 film 9 to 5?
  9. (Movies) Set in an urban dystopian future, what 1927 film directed by Fritz Lang explored the social crisis of capitalism as expressed by the likes of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels?
  10. (Name Game) The global equivalent of Labor Day, International Workers Day, a national holiday founded in 1891 and celebrated in more than 80 countries, is also known as what?
  11. (US Presidents) Who was the only American President to be president of a Labor Union?
  12. (Politics) Great Britain’s Labour Party was in power from 1997 to 2010 when this man resigned as Prime Minister last May
  13. (Music) What singer went into labor on June 2, 2011 and gave birth to daughter Willow Sage?
  14.  (Exclusive Clubs) Washington DC trial lawyer and litigation partner DeMaurice Smith is the executive director of this labor union.

Working Man. (i guess technically it was Getty, but whatevs)


(Water Works) (Kobe Bryant) (Karl Marx)  (Louisa May Alcott) (Work) (Michael Bolton) (Enchanted) (Dolly Parton) (Metropolis) (May Day) (Ronald Reagan) (Gordon Brown) (Pink) (NFLPA)