You can’t handle Jayson Stark Trivia: May 24, 2011

In case you missed it this morning, ESPN baseball analyst Jayson Stark graced us with an on-air trivia question on Mike & Mike. Here goes:

Today’s @MikeandMike trivia: Asdrubal Cabrera is on a 30-HR, 20-SB pace. Can you name the only 3 CURRENT ss who have had a 30-20 season?

Any guesses? Find the answers below Asdrubal’s Commander in Chief.

Chief Wahoo.

ANSWERS!! Don’t peak.

(Troy Tulowitzki)(Jimmy Rollins)(Hanley Ramirez)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Trivia Extravaganza- PART I

You asked for it!* And now you have it! A very special three-part Arnold Schwarzenegger Trivia extravaganza! Try to answer the questions below (if IT’S NOT A TUMAAHch trouble).

  1. The 1977 docudrama “Pumping Iron” focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training leading up to his 6th victory in what professional body building contest? 
  2. With Terminator III being released one week after Arnold was sworn in as governor, what was his last film to be released before he was sworn in?
  3. What were the names of the Saturday Night Live characters from which Arnold took the term “girlie men” to describe some of his political opponents? 
  4. It was revealed in what 1993 film that a constitutional amendment passed which allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for and become President? 
  5. How many confirmed children does Arnold have?


Name the movie based on these Arnold characters:

  1. John Matrix
  2. John Kimble
  3. Dr Alex Hesse
  4. Ben Richards
  5. Dutch
  6. Douglas Quaid
  7. Harry Tasker
  8. Jericho Cane
  9. Jack Slater
  10. Trench

Answers below the tripuca (that’s trivia lingo for Trivial Pursuit Card #duh)

BTW, the answers are: Seven, Pool, Pat Garett, Johnny Carson, Robert H. Goddard, Chess


(Mr. Olympia) (Collateral Damage)(Hans and Franz)(Demolition Man)(5)

(Commando)(Kindergarten Cop) (Junior)(The Running Man)(Predator) (Total Recall)(True Lies)(End of Days)(Last Action Hero)(The Expendables)

PART II, Picture Round: Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Predator, Total Recall, The Running Man, Red Heat, Commando, True Lies, Jingle All the Way, Around the World in 80 Days, Batman and Robin, The 6th Day

*SayKNOWtoTrivia cannot confirm that any one person has demanded for Arnold Schwarzenegger-themed trivia questions

Mother’s Day Trivia Part II: Celebrity Baby Name Quiz!

This one’s mostly for the ladies……

Name the FAMOUS MOM to these little nuggets of joy. Note that i didn’t always include a last name. I’m crafty like that.

Also make sure to check out Part I of my extra special Mother’s Day Trivia.

  1. Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck
  2. Bruce Anthony Martin
  3. Nahla Ariela Aubry 
  4. Kingston James McGregor
  5. Bronx Mowgli 
  6. Abel James Arnett 
  7. Honor Marie Warren
  8. Lou Sulola Samuel 
  9. Charlie Axel 
  10. Sparrow James Midnight Madden

Sparrow James Midnight Madden?


(Jennifer Garner) (Gwyneth Paltrow)(Halle Berry) (Gwen Stefani)(Ashley Simpson-Wentz)(Amy Poehler) (Jessica Alba)(Heidi Klum)(Ellin Nordegren) (Nicole Richie)

Friday Leftovers: Mother’s Day Edition

If you couldn’t make it to Trivia Night at Maddy’s this week, you missed out on my special Mother’s Day round, made extra special by a special guest appearance by my mom. Enjoy, and Happy Early Mother’s Day 2012, Kate Middleton! Make sure to check out Part II, the Celebrity Baby Quiz!

  1. (Movies) What movie featured a spaceship computer system called “Mother”? 
  2. (US History) Beginning in 1848, what historical event popularized the term “Mother Lode”? 
  3. (Television) Clair Huxtable of “The Cosby Show” was part of a brigade of high-powered professional moms that took television by storm in the 1980s. What was her profession? 
  4. (War) In 1990, Saddam Hussein advised the Iraqi people to prepare for the “Mother of all Battles” if the US-led coalition forces attempted to evict his army of occupation from what country? 
  5. (Animal Kingdom) What animal moms have the longest gestation period of all mammals at 22 months?

Answers below the mother teet.

plastic cow

Her calves turned into an utter disapointment...


(Alien)(California Gold Rush)(Lawyer)(Kuwait)(Elephant)

Maddy’s Trivia Night Recap

What a night! We sent Cristina off with a bang! Huge crowd, mama-trivia was in town, and the cleavage to no-cleavage ratio was much higher than normal.

“Cristina’s Last Ride” took a one point lead to start round 1 but dropped all the way down to 5th after some famous baby-mama trivia got the best of them in Round 2. But of course they clawed their way back on top after Round 3’s picture bonus and completely blew it open in the last round with their unparallelled knowledge of famous inventors. How’s that for a final trivia night? Good luck in Michigan, Cristina, we’ll miss you!

Full results below.

Face-melting Bar Trivia TONIGHT at Maddy’s (Dupont Circle, DC)

Come on out to Maddy’s Bar & Grille (1726 Connecticut, NW) tonight and get your triv on. We got history. We got geography. We got movies. We got music. We got books. We have a PICTURE ROUND. And it’s all going to be awesome so you should be there. Winner gets 50 bar dollars and bragging rights. Also, my mama is in town so we have an extra special Mother’s Day round for you folks. (Also that means try keep the vulgar team names to a minimum).

See you a few hours!

Did somebody say picture round!?!