The last time the Giants won the World Series…

…was in 1954.

Polo Grounds: A time when the beard feared the ballpark.

They played they’re home games at the Polo Grounds as the New York Giants.

It was the only World Series from 1949-1958 not to feature the New York Yankees.

The Yanks had already won 15 Championships.

The team they beat, the Cleveland Indians, has not won a championship since 1948, the second longest active drought (behind the Cubbies of course).

A man by the name of Ted Kluszewski led the league with 49 home runs for the Cincinnati Reds.

The President was Dwight Eisenhower, and the Vice President was Richard ‘Wake up in the morning feelin’ like P. Ditty” Nixon.

Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio.

The first issue of Sports Illustrated was published.

The Miss America Pageant was broadcast on TV for the first time.

From Here to Eternity won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

The first Burger King opened in Miami, Florida.

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ESPN’s Around the Horn: Pop Culture References – November 2, 2010

Have you ever been watching Around the Horn on ESPN and think to yourself “I wish I could be as young and hip and good looking as Tony Reali and understand all his pop culture references. *sigh*.”? Well wish no more! I’ll explain all these references to you, free of charge!

Here’s Tuesday’s show:

Rage Against the Machine: The band Rage Against the Machine was mentioned due to San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson admitting that he “wants to rage. Right now.” after winning the World Series last night.

Glee: Reali says that Bill Plaschke has “more street cred than an episode of Glee” for his badass tone when using the word “rage”. Glee is a show on Fox.

Denny Green’s Rant: Tim Cowlishaw says that the Houston Texans “are not who we thought they were” , a reference to former Cardinals head coach Denny Green’s infamous speech in which he adamantly proclaims that the Bears “were who we thought they were”. Cowlishaw’s rendition is much more reserved.

Chuck Palahniuk: Reali references the novel Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and Survivor. (Side note: Palahniuk fans in the Twitterverse are sticklers for the pronunciation of “Palahniuk”.)

The Thinker: Jackie MacMullen puts her fist under her chin to mimic the The Thinker, a famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin that often represents philosophy.

Canadian Shout-out! Tony Reali wished that the National Panel’s resident Canadian, Bruce Arthur of the National Post, could be there for the final segment, which involved this “loony” play between CFL powerhouses Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts (watch).

This aint your average "Gentille Alouette".

In reference to the Montreal Alouettes, Plaschke utters the line “gentille Alouette”, which is from the common French-Canadian children’s song “Alouette“. The line translates to “nice Skylark” in English. Growing up in Montreal I always assumed that an Alouette was an Alouette, not a special French word for a bird called a Skylark.

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Not-so-spooky Halloween Trivia (Round 4: Monsters)

Here’s the final round of not-so-spooky trivia for your Halloween hangover. It’s a monster mash-up of categories! (It’s too late to be creative).

  1. (Music) What pop star refers to her fans as her “little monsters”?

    Red Bull's scary alternative. Yeager bombs still encouraged.

  2. (Famous Figures) Monster Energy Drink is currently running a “Golden Ticket” promotion where five contestants have a chance to win a trip to the Fantasy Factory, founded by what celebrity skateboarder/entrepreneur?
  3. (Good Old Fashioned American Entertainment) Fist introduced in 1979 as a refurbished Ford F-250 pickup truck, this is regarded as the very first Monster Truck.
  4. (Movies) What two actresses won Best Actress Oscars for their roles in the 2003 film Monster and the 2001 film Monster’s Ball?
  5. (Music) The first single off their album Monster, the R.E.M. song “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” refers to the words uttered by an assailant during an unprovoked attack on what famous news anchor in 1986

And we finish the night off with some movie trivia. I name the monster, you name the movie. Good luck!

a. The Stay-puff Marshmellow Man

b. Gizmo

c. Pinhead

d. Graboids

e. Mike Wazowski

f. Sarlacc

g. Pale Man 

h. Xenomorph 

i. Vigo the Carpathian

j. Shelob

k. Insectosaurus

l. Pennywise

Not-so-spooky Halloween Trivia: Round 3 (Zombies)

mmmmmmmmm….braaains……mmmmm……..Here’s Round 3: Zombies!

  1. (Music) A zombie’s favorite song is “Zombie”, a 1994 hit by what Irish band?


  2. (Movies) A zombie’s favorite director is Rob Zombie, the man behind such films as House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and this 2007 reboot of what horror classic?
  3. (You Booze you lose) A zombie’s favorite cocktail is the Zombie, named after how you feel after drinking one. It’s traditionally made of fruit juices and at least four kinds of what type of alcohol?
  4. (Video Games) A zombie’s favorite video game centers around a man trapped in a zombie-infested shopping mall, using any available object as a weapon. The upcoming sequel to the game takes place in Fortune City, based on the Las Vegas strip.
  5. (Human Anatomy) Zombie’s love to snack on this part of the brain’s limbic system associated with long-term memory, from the Greek for sea-horse.

Good Luck!

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Not-so-Spooky Halloween Trivia (Round 2: Vampires)

Here’s your Vampire round (Sorry Twihards, nothing about pale, glittering, pretty boys or furry dudes with abs that you can grate cheese on). Good luck!

Bonus Trivia: Alliumphobia is the fear of Garlic.

  1. (Restaurants) Renowned Vampire hunter Van Helsing knows that Vampires can’t stand garlic. That’s why he recommends taking a vampire out to this San Francisco restaurant, named for a historical name for garlic, which strives to incorporate garlic into every single dish.
  2. (Geography) Van Helsing also knows that if he wants to lure a vampire to his death by sunlight, his chances are greatest in the sunniest place on Earth, in the town of Yuma, where the sun shines 93% of the possible 4,400 hours of daylight each year. In what U.S. state can you find the town of Yuma?
  3. (Religion) Van Helsing knows that crucifixes are a major bother to vampires but he knows never to hold one upside down, a symbol for what Saint based on the way he was crucified.
  4. (Fun with Food) When Van Helsing isn’t stabbing vampires in the heart with wooden steaks, he’s chowing down on Philly Cheesesteaks from these two competing neighboring cheesesteak joints in the heart of Philadelphia.
  5. (Famous Tourist Traps) Since vampires have no reflection, Van Helsing wouldn’t be fazed by a vampire showdown is this palace’s famed Hall of Mirrors. (Palace of Versailles)

Vampires love these songs! Can you help them find the artist to each song? TWO points per answer. Good luck!

a. Sunday Bloody Sunday


b. Blood on the Dance Floor

c. Blood Sugar Sex Magik

d. Hot Blooded

e. Cold Blooded

f. Let It Bleed

g. Bleed American

h. Bleed the Freak

i. Blood, Sex & Booze

j. Bloodstone and Blood Red Skies

k. Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding

l.  Blood On Blood

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Not-so-Spooky Halloween Trivia

Yes, it’s time to put away your Lady Ga Ga, Snooki or slutty [insert childhood cartoon or blue collar worker here] costume that you’ve worked so hard on. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some not-so-spooky Halloween trivia! This is old news for those of you who attended trivia night at Maddy’s last Wednesday (by the way, congrats to Levi Johnston’s Penis for finally pulling out a win). Here’s the ghostly themed first round. Stay tuned for the answers, as well as some more ghoolishly themed trivia later today.

Sorry boys, no questions about you. Maybe next year!

Round 1: Ghosts

  1. (Word Play) The word poltergeist, as in the movie Poltergeist, comes from a German word meaning “ghost” and what?
  2. (Sports) From 1996 to 2009 the Phantoms of the American Hockey League (AHL) played their home games at the Wachovia Spectrum in what city?
  3. (Music) Ray Parker Jr., the man who recorded the theme to the Ghostbusters movie, was sued for copyright infringement for sounding too much like the song “I Want a New Drug”, a top-ten hit released earlier the same year by this band.
  4. (TV) Phantom Limb and Ghost Robot, as well as the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln, are all characters from this cartoon about a super scientist, his twin sons and his bodyguard, airing on Cartoon Network’s late night block known as Adult Swim.
  5. (Philosophy) The “ghost in the machine” is a term used by British philosopher Gilbert Ryle to describe this philosopher/mathematician’s thoughts on the dualism of mind and body.

These next questions are worth TWO points each. I read the epitaph, you tell me who’s tombstone it is. Good luck!

  1. “Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty I’m Free At Last.”
  2. “The best is yet to come.”
  3. “I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”
  4. Murdered by a traitor and a coward whose name is not worthy to appear here.
  5. And away we go.
  6. “Workers of all lands unite. The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.”
  7. Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia.
  8. LECTOR, SI MONUMENTUM REQUIRIS CIRCUMSPICE  – (Reader, if you seek his monument look around you.)
  9. Thomas Jefferson Still Lives
  10. Steel True, Blade Straight – Knight, Patriot, Physician and Man of Letters
  11. To save your world you asked this man to die: Would this man, could he see you now, ask why?
  12. “That’s all folks.”