ESPN’s Mike & Mike: Jayson Stark’s BASEBALL Trivia Question (October 22)

(Spoiler Alert, answers below…and in the tags)

It’s always a great morning when Jayson Stark sits down with Mike & Mike in the Morning because that means it’s trivia time. Here’s the last one. And you can check out this one from a long time ago. And this one from even longer. But here’s what we have for today, an “easy one”:

“Name the 3 active players who have hit more than 50 HR for both the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.”

Good Luck!


Alex Rodriguez: Easy. So obvious he should have already been in your head even before Stark asked the question.

Alfonso Soriano: He’s the guy they traded to Texas for A-Rod, so yes, this is an easy one too.

Mark Teixeira: He currently plays for the Yankees AND his freakin’ name is “Tex” for pete’s sake. He also went from the Rangers to the Yanks relatively recently. So again, another easy one.

ESPN’s Around the Horn: Pop Culture References – October 19, 2010

Have you ever been watching Around the Horn on ESPN and think to yourself “I wish I could be as young and hip and good looking as Tony Reali and understand all his pop culture references. *sigh*.”? Well wish no more! I’ll explain all these references to you, free of charge!

Here’s a quick one from Tuesday:

So manly. Should be on an Old Spice commercial.

Brian Wilson: In reference to his beard, Bill Plaschke mentioned Brian Wilson. Wilson is a relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and he has a man beard. Like a real man beard. (Not to be confused with Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson)

Chapelle’s Show: Tony Reali mentions “LeBron’s Hater Ball” in reference to LeBron James’s Hater Day. This is probably a shout out to the Chapelle’s show sketch “Playa Hater Ball“.

Menage a Trois: Reali refers to the Chacago Bears’ Cutler, Martz and Lovie as the “Carnage a Trois”. A “menage a trois” is a threesome (the sexy kind).

Rock, paper, scissors was mentioned. But you already know what that is.

Cat Stevens: After the the first cut, Realli says “The First cut is the deepest”. That was the title of a 1967 song by Cat Stevens. Rod Stewart also covered it. This is also probably just a common expression by now.

Bob Ryan: Last week, Mr. Reali said that he wished panelist Bob Ryan was there to utter his famous words “It stinks!”. Well yesterday he got his wish at the end of showdown. I think. I don’t really remember the context and don’t feel like scrolling through the podcast again…

BONUS PTI POP CULTURE REFERENCE: At the beginning of yesterday’s Pardon the Interruption, host Tony Kornheiser mentioned the dance “The Dougie”. Here’s an article from ESPN the talks about the “Dougie” trend in sports. According to Michael Wilbon (who heard it from Tony Reali) it originated with rapper Doug E. Fresh. Here’s a video of Reggie Bush doing The Dougie after a touchdown.


Team Trivia TONIGHT @Maddy’s Bar & Grille (Dupont Circle, DC)

Maddy’s Bar & Grille: 1726 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

Time: 8:00 PM (Show up early and grab a table!)

Winner gets: $50 Bar Dollars

Come see me host team trivia tonight at Maddy’s.

Special guest stars will include my former roommate, hopefully some of his lady friends, my momma (in town this week from Orlando), and the cow from the movie Twister.

And as with tradition, (a tradition that started 9 seconds ago) here will be the first question of the night:

(Famous Figures) What world leader gave John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline a poodle named Pushinka?

Good luck! See you tonight!

Marvel gets TRON’d. Can You Still Recognize These Super Heroes?

Apparently my TRON bone got tickled this week.

In an ongoing effort to push the new incursion of TRON this December, Disney has tasked its Marvel Comics subsidiary to produce 10 alternate comic book covers for famous Marvel super heroes in the style of the TRON universe. Can you still recognize them? Check out all 10 covers before you see the answers after the bump.

Eat Shield, Jeff Bridges!


1. Spider Man

2. Spider Woman

3. Quicksilver

4. Captain America

5. Ghost Rider

6. Iron Man

7. Ms. Marvel

8. Moon Knight

9. Thor

10. Wolverine

ESPN’s Around the Horn: Pop Culture References – October 18, 2010

Have you ever been watching Around the Horn on ESPN and think to yourself “I wish I could be as young and hip and good looking as Tony Reali and understand all his pop culture references. *sigh*.”? Well wish no more! I’ll explain all these references to you, free of charge!

Let’s see what you missed on Monday:

This is what Tony Reali looked like on Monday

Mad Men: With Sunday’s new episode of Mad Men fresh in his head, Tony Reali slicked back his hair to look like the bro of bros, Don Draper. He also exclaimed “Draper Me” at the beginning of the show. Draper, portrayed by actor John Hamm, is a founding partner of the advertising firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in the AMC television series about sex, booze and sometimes 1950s advertising executives.

Gil Brandt: Jackie MacMullan says that Woody Paige, with his cowboy hat, looks like Gil Brandt. Brandt was Vice President of player personnel (and master scouter) for the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1988. Although i can’t seem to find a Google image of him with a hat on. Brandt is currently a commentator for SIRIUS Radio and NFL Redzone.

Jackie Mac adds that with his hat off, Woody Paige looks like Dennis the Menace.

The Killers: Reali said that Sunday’s blown pass interference call was a “Killers call” and added “all these things I haven’t done by Brandon Flowers.” While Brandon Flowers plays cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs, the more recognizable Brandon Flowers is the frontman for the band The Killers. They have a song called “All These Things That I’ve Done“.

Rand McNally: I think this came up when someone suggested that the week 1 BCS standings acted as a road map to the championship. Woody Paige argued that even Rand McNally couldn’t accurately map out the rest of the college football season. Rand McNally is a famous publisher of maps and atlases.

Not a bad way to start the week. Let me know what I missed in the comments or shout out on Twitter (@SayKNOWtoTrivia).

Bristol Palin has gone Bananas – Top 10 Gorilla Suits in Pop Culture

Apparently last night on Dancing with the Stars (Monday, 8PM ET on ABC), Bristol Palin and her dance partner Mark Ballas performed a routine to the theme song of The Monkees, dressed in a Gorilla costume (1). Where else has a gorilla suit made its presence known in pop culture?

Trading Places (2): In the 1983 comedy Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, there is a scene in a train car where Jim Belushi is dressed in head-to-toe gorilla attire for a Halloween party (or maybe just a regular ol’ costume party).

Charles Gemora (3): Hollywood makeup artist Charles Gemora was the original “King of the Gorilla Men” for his roles on screen in a gorilla suit during the 1930s through 50s. He even studied gorillas at the San Diego zoo.

Steve Calvert (4): Old Stevie (as I like to call him) also made a name for himself during the 30s and 40s for his gorilla performances in films such as Bride of the Gorilla, Panther Girl of the Congo, and Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla.

Phoenix Suns Mascot (5): The mascot of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns is simply called The Gorilla. This dude in a gorilla suit first appeared in 1980 and is known for his high flying dunks. He was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2005.

These people are mean (6): Six days ago in New York, two dudes in gorilla suits (and one in a chicken costume) stole some poor kid’s bike.

Demetri Martin (7): He’s a comedian. And a damn funny one at that. Here he tells us why there’s nothing better than skiing in a gorilla suit.

King Gorilla from the Venture Bros? Or David Byrne circa 1984?

The Venture Bros (8): Is the greatest show on television, by the way. They also had a reference to a gorilla suit in the recent episode “The Diving Bell and the Butter Glider“. The Monarch (arch nemesis and regular annoyance to the Venture family), says that fellow super villain and now cancer-stricken King Gorilla resembles a “gorilla suit with nobody in it wearing David Byrne’s Stop Making Sense Suit”. Lead singer of the Talking Heads, David Byrne, wore an over sized suit for one song during their 1984 concert movie, Stop Making Sense. A photo of Byrne wearing the suit was also featured on some of the promotional items.

Science! (9) More specifically, psychology. And even more specificallier, the one-of-the-ways-your-brain-plays-tricks-on-you phenomenon of inattentional blindness (or perceptual blindness). The most well known study on this topic involved, you guessed it, a gorilla suit:

The best-known study demonstrating inattentional blindness is the Invisible gorilla test, which was conducted by Daniel Simons of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Christopher Chabris of Harvard University. Their study, a contemporized version of earlier studies conducted by Ulric Neisser, asked subjects to watch a short video in which two groups of people (wearing black and white t-shirts) pass a basketball around. The subjects are told to either count the number of passes made by one of the teams or to keep count of bounce passes vs. aerial passes. In different versions of the video a woman walks through the scene carrying an umbrella, or wearing a full gorilla suit.[1] After watching the video the subjects are asked if they saw anything out of the ordinary take place. In most groups, 50% of the subjects did not report seeing the gorilla. Simons interprets this by stating that people are mistaken with regard to how important events will automatically draw their attention away from current tasks or goals. This result indicates that the relationship between what is in one’s visual field and perception is based much more significantly on attention than was previously thought.”

This dude must like Bananas Foster (10): Of course I can’t forget this guy, who watched a neighborhood fire in a gorilla suit, for no apparent reason.

I’m sure I’m only touching the surface here so let me know YOUR favorite gorilla suit moments in the comments. Or shout out on Twitter (@SayKNOWtoTrivia).

ESPN’s Around the Horn: Pop Culture References – October 15, 2010

Have you ever been watching Around the Horn on ESPN and think to yourself “I wish I could be as young and hip and good looking as Tony Reali and understand all his pop culture references. *sigh*.”? Well wish no more! I’ll explain all these references to you, free of charge! Let’s take a look at Friday’s episode:

TRON: To kick off the show, Tony Reali says “Welcome back to TRON!” This is a reference to ATH’s fancy new HD television studio looking all futuristic, like the 1982 movie TRON, in which Jeff Bridges is essentially sucked into a video game. Don’t watch this video if you don’t want your mind blown.

Scene from the 1982 movie TRON? Or Tony Reali with the National Panel?

As is with Hollywood these days, a sequel/reboot/remake (TRON: Legacy) is set to be released this December.

L.A. Confidential: Reali introduces one of the segments as “The NFL matchups you desire, Fleur de Lys”. This in reference to the 1997 Best Picture nominee L.A. Confidential starring Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce and Kim Basinger. The movie takes place in the 1950s and follows detectives White, Vincennes and Exley as they investigate a multiple shooting at the Night Owl diner. One of the main plot points involves a call-girl service called “Fleur de Lys” with the slogan “Whatever you Desire”.

Twitter: In J.A. Adande’s introduction, he says “hashtag FF” (#ff). This is a reference to a practice developed on Twitter in which people suggest who to follow. Mashable’s explanation is quick and concise.

NOTE: You can follow ATH on Twitter @AroundTheHorn.

30 Rock?: Coming back from the break, Woody Paige says “I’d like to correct some of the mistakes I made before we do the west coast version.” This could just be Woody being witty. But it may have to do with the previous night’s episode of NBC’s 30 Rock which aired live. The show was acted out live twice, one for the East Coast viewers, and one for the West Coast.

Larry King and Mad Men: Reali introduces the next segment with “On any given Saturday DOT DOT DOT” and adds “we call that a Larry King lead in the business”. Larry King is a TV and radio host and former newspaper columnist for USA Today. His columns consisted of a sentence or two on a topic, followed by an ellipsis (…), followed by another sentence or two on a different topic.

This may also have something to do with AMC’s groundbreaking television series, Mad Men (Sunday 10 EST), because Adande repeats the DOT DOT DOT reference in a Larry King voice and adds “If Mad Men doesn’t win an armful of Emmy’s I’m never watching television again.” Alas, I just might not have seen that episode…

NOTE: You can also follow Larry King on Twitter @kingsthings.

NBA 2k11: This is a new basketball video game. Michael Jordan is on the cover. And while promoting the game, Jordan said he could drop 100 points in today’s NBA.

Star Trek: I’m working with the podcast here, so no visuals for me, but I’m assuming Tim Cowlishaw threw up the Vulcan hand gesture that accompanies the line “Live Long and Prosper” because Reali said “live long and dateless”.

Collleeeeege: Tony Reali usually says “Colleeeeege” when introducing college football. I usually say it when I’m introducing anything and everything. I’m sure it’s from somewhere but it’s kinda tough to Google “Collleeeeeeege”.

Brandon Tate fantasy: This is not a reference. Reali asked if anyone on the National Panel was going to start Brandon Tate in Fantasy Football this past Sunday. My sister did, and it did not go great for her.

So that’s it for Friday. Let me know what I missed in the comments or shout out on Twitter (@SayKNOWtoTrivia). Stay tuned tomorrow for Monday’s show references! Word on the street is Mad Men will have a prominent role…